Extremely strong duct tape for every situation!

T-Rex® repairs, strengthens and fixes with the strength of a dinosaur. Thanks to its strength, it's the perfect companion when you're camping, for the outdoors or DIY projects. T-Rex® Tape is highly tear-resistant, weatherproof and has a high adhesive strength.

T-Rex® Tape can withstand temperatures between -12 °C and– +90 °C.


  • Sticks to almost any surface
  • Strong and tough


  • Robust and thick polyethylene skin
  • Fabric and polyethylene permanently fused

Suitable for:

  • Perfect for all kinds of repairs, DIY projects or the task at hand around the home or on the job site

T-Rex® Tape is available in three different sizes:

  • 48 mm x 32,0m
  • 48 mm x 10,9m
  • 25 mm x 9,1m
"Extremely strong duct tape for every situation!"